At St Bernard’s the NSW English Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum is implemented in Kindergarten to Year 6 to develop literature based English teaching and learning programs.

Through engagement in teacher led inquiry sessions and differentiated literacy tasks, students are supported with the necessary scaffolds for them to achieve success and independence. 

Components of the English block are consistently implemented across the school Kindergarten to Year 6, these include;

  • 20 minutes daily Sustained Reading
  • 20 minutes daily Sustained Writing
  • Weekly, documented conferences between the teacher and every child around reading and writing
  • Student access to quality literature that is appropriate to their stage and age.

Teachers conduct outcome aligned assessments to track academic progress of students and to inform teaching and learning programs. A Kindergarten to Year 6 assessment schedule has been developed to track the progress and needs of all students at St Bernard’s.

We acknowledge that parents are the best advocates for their children’s literacy success, therefore it is our school’s policy to organise and promote parental involvement. Parent
workshops & parent/teacher meetings are conducted regularly to further their understanding of their child's literacy progress.

Publication Celebrations are held throughout the school year. Parents are invited to visit their child’s classroom to share in published writing that has been created by their child and inspired by their reading. Our ultimate goal is for our students to develop a love of reading that contributes to their ability to be authentic creative writers.