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Student Welfare 

St Bernard’s School community believes an effective Pastoral Care and Behaviour policy is essential if we are to truly reflect the ideals expressed in the School's Vision Statement and to be able to achieve the educational aims of the school. 


St Bernard's Complaint Statement of Practice


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Bullying and Harassment Policy

Behavioural Support Suspension and Expulsion Policy

Complaints Policy

Enrolment Policy

Child Safety Policy 

Medication Policy

At St Bernard’s school no student is permitted to keep either prescription or non-prescription medication in their bag, desk, on their person, or in any other place within the classroom or school. All medication must be delivered to and kept in the school office and dispensed only by office staff or the Principal and his/her delegate.  All medication must be clearly labelled with the student’s name and all relevant information for the student for whom it has been provided. A register is maintained in the school office.  Following the administration of each dose the date and time is recorded in the register and signed by the person administering it.


Some students at St Bernard’s have a life threatening allergy to nuts and other products. We are a nut free school. We ask your cooperation in maintaining the well being of all students by avoiding sending in foods which may pose a risk. If your child has an allergy please ensure that the school is fully informed of your child’s needs. An Allergic Action Plan must be submitted to the office.

Health Policy

On enrolment an immunisation certificate must be provided for each student. In the event of an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease at the school, unimmunised students will be required to remain at home for the duration of the outbreak. In the case of common childhood diseases parents should follow medical advice as to the period of time a student should be excluded from school. Should a student be unwell or suffer an injury parents/carers or the emergency contact person will be notified.  Please ensure your emergency contact details are kept up to date.

Homework Policy 

Homework links school and home as places of learning. It refers to the activities assigned by teachers to be completed by students outside of school hours. Homework is focused on learning and provides students with opportunities to consolidate, extend or prepare for learning.

 At St Bernard’s School homework:

  • provides a method of communication between school and home
  • promotes the home school partnership
  • is based on current research
  • marks will not be included in a student’s end of semester report
  • is an element of the teaching and learning process, assisting students to consolidate work taught in class and develop sound study habits
  • will not be assigned in Week 7 which is Family Week
  • will have clear expectations that will be communicated to parents through curriculum notes and at Introductory Meetings held at the beginning of the school year
  • should consist of reading daily.


At St Bernard's Primary School, we believe reading is compulsory across all year levels Kindergarten to Year 6:

Kindergarten: Reading 10 minutes 

Year 1 & Year 2: Reading 15 minutes 

Year 3 - Year 6: Reading 20 minutes