Information Technology

Technology is an integral part of the modern world and allows learning opportunities previously unavailable. At St Bernard’s our student-to-computer ratio is commendable and digital technologies are embedded into our teaching and learning programmes. Computers allow a student-centred approach to learning as students are able to explore learning opportunities and research at their own pace. In addition, each classroom has a set of iPads which create a student-to-iPad ratio of approximately 4:1. Interactive Televisions are wall-mounted in every classroom throughout the school providing excellent, high resolution display of web-based materials. The TVs also possess the capability to display the students work on the iPad's using apple TV's and mirroring technology.


With the introduction of a new curriculum and an excellent technology-to-student ratio, 2014 was an opportunity for St Bernard’s to rethink, rebuild and reconceptualise our school library to support 21st century schooling.  The iCentre provides the school community with a large, flexible learning space based on fluid design principles to support ‘collaboration, performance, creativity, interactivity and exploration, both online and offline’ (Schibsted 2005). The layout of the iCentre can look different on a daily basis depending on the range of individual, small group, class-based, or whole grade activities it accommodates at any given time. That is, the form it takes reflects the function (Hay 2010b).Grades are rostered to the iCentre on a weekly basis for 90 minutes to use this contemporary space to foster collaboration within the Inquiry – based learning model.

The iCentre provides the perfect fusion of technology and pedagogy.