Student Welfare

Pastoral Care and Behaviour Management



St Bernard’s School community believes an effective Pastoral Care and Behaviour policy is essential if we are to truly reflect the ideals expressed in the School's Vision Statement and to be able to achieve the educational aims of the school.


An effective Pastoral Care and Behaviour policy must therefore relate to procedures in the areas of communication and interpersonal relationships, curriculum and teaching-learning methods and

behaviour expectations and procedures.


Members of St Bernard’s School community believe the adoption of a positive and preventative approach to Pastoral Care and Behaviour will:

  • create a co-operative and positive attitude to problem solving in the school community

  • develop a responsibility in all members of the community for problem solving

  • increase and widen student's sense of belonging in the school

  • provide for  the development of behaviour expectations and conflict resolution procedures which  promote self discipline

  • permit the school community to sensitively handle personal situations, which may be affecting life within the school.

  • strengthen the interaction between the school and home

  • establish acceptable patterns of behaviour which reflect gospel values and so allow students to develop a conscience, sense of responsibility and willingness to undertake social action

  • develop a strong sense of self worth in students

  • permit effective and enjoyable learning to take place

  • develop a sense of respect for each individual


St Bernard's Behaviour Management Policy


St Bernard’s school community is proactive in providing a safe and supportive environment for all members of the school community. In order to ensure that St Bernard’s is a bullying free environment, preventative strategies are implemented as proactive measures to minimise opportunities for bullying to occur.  


St Bernard's Anti-Bullying Policy